Henderson, Nevada Sportsbooks

Henderson, Nevada SportsbooksResidents and tourists can always find sports betting action at Henderson sportsbooks. Henderson is only 16 miles southeast of Las Vegas, but it offers a gambling scene that’s just as exciting. The city has been voted one of America’s best cities to live in, with one of the highest safety ratings in the country. Whether you are a resident of the city or simply coming to have some fun, you will not be disappointed when it comes to what Henderson offers. Gambling is big business in the city, with hundreds of thousands of sports fans betting on their favorite teams each day. The best sportsbooks in Henderson, Nevada cater to a wide range of sports fans, with odds on NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NCAA teams. If you want to know more about all that Henderson sportsbooks have to offer, you’re definitely on the right page.

While those visiting the state may be more curious about which sportsbooks offer the best sports betting in Henderson, local sports fans may be interested to know more about the legality of it all. We can address both topics, providing readers with the legal background of Henderson sports betting while listing some of the best sportsbooks in the area.

Betting on the NFL In Henderson

NFL LogoThere are some great sportsbooks here in Henderson so finding a place to bet on NFL games isn’t an issue at all. Most of the time players go to these sportsbooks to place their game pick and other prop bets throughout the NFL season. This is just one of the few options that are offered to players when it comes to betting options. Online sportsbooks are just about as good as using a local sportsbook in Henderson. Sportsbooks like Bovada, Sportsbetting, BetOnline, and others are top of the list when it comes to choosing an online sportsbook. One thing that is great about using an online sportsbook is the fact that you can sit at home and log in and make these picks. Even if you are always on the go, these sites have a mobile betting option which is a great plus. Betting on NFL games is exciting because is different things that you can bet on during the game as well as betting on the whole game. Prop bets during and before a game will always be there for players and that is what makes these games more exciting to watch. Betting on the NFL in Henderson is also more fun when you bet on the new Las Vegas Raiders but you can bet on any NFL team that you like.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Henderson, Nevada?

Betting on sports has been legal in Henderson, Nevada for quite some time. The state first moved to legalize most types of gambling in 1931, and then subsequently started to regulate sports betting in 1949. Nevada is often considered the birthplace of commercial gambling in the United States, as it pioneered the way in many instances. In terms of sports betting specifically, Nevada was the only state with single-wagering for more than 25 years. This was because the state was smart enough to legalize commercial sports betting prior to the 1992 passage of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). The law banned states from issuing new sports betting licenses, effectively prohibiting states from legalizing sports betting if they had not already done so. Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana were the only states to have some type of sports betting legislation on the books before the law went into effect.

PASPA is no longer in effect, as the law was struck down by the Supreme Court in May 2018 as a result of the Murphy vs. NCAA case. In the case, New Jersey contested the constitutionality of PASPA after the sports leagues argued that the state violated the law in their attempts to legalize sports betting. The Court ruled in favor of New Jersey and now states other than Nevada can opt to regulate sports gambling. The case had no direct impact on Nevada or Henderson sportsbooks, but it did open the door for other states to start accepting sports bets.

What Is The Betting Age In Henderson, Nevada?

The legal betting age in Henderson, Nevada is age 21 and older. The gambling laws in Nevada set the general gambling age to 21, which is why you will find that all gaming venues have the same age requirements. Whether you want to play table games or bet on sports, you will need to be over the age of 21. This applies to Henderson sportsbooks and other bookmakers all over the state.

Best Sportsbooks In Henderson, Nevada

The best sportsbooks in Henderson, Nevada are not at all hard to find. These sportsbooks range in their offerings, with some books larger than others. No matter where you choose to wager, you will be able to get the latest odds on the most popular markets. Bet on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and other sports as you watch the game on live TV. You will be able to have a few drinks and enjoy the atmosphere while hopefully turning a profit on your favorite teams. There are a few different Henderson sportsbooks that have decent action, but here are the best sports betting in Nevada for locals to visit:

The Fiesta Henderson Race and Sports Book

The Fiesta Henderson Race and Sports BookThe sportsbook at Fiesta Henderson is one of the most exciting sportsbooks in town! It may not be the largest betting lounge that you have ever visited, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find some of the best sports betting action in Henderson. The sportsbook features 4 large TV screens to view the latest odds, 25 high-definition plasma TVs, and electronic monitors with different statistics. In addition, there are 107 20-inch individual monitors that you can view for wagering. In total, there are about 180 seats for patrons to lounge in.

Some of the betting options at the Fiesta Henderson Sportsbook include straight bets, moneylines, totals, parlay cards, teasers, and futures. Lines are typically posted by 9 a.m., with overnight lines up by 5 p.m. You can enjoy plenty of comps at the sportsbook if you are a regular bettor, and this includes both food and drink. This is also one of the Henderson sportsbooks that has a mobile betting option for local bettors.

Green Valley Ranch Race and Sportsbook

Green Valley Ranch Race and SportsbookThe Green Valley Ranch Sportsbook should definitely be on every sports bettor’s radar. As one of the top Henderson sportsbooks, GVR makes sure that sports enthusiasts are comfortable while wagering on their favorite teams. With five screens that are the same size as movie screens, and 33 50-inch plasma televisions, you will have no problem getting right into the action. Some of the lines offered include those on basketball, football, baseball, NASCAR, golf, tennis, hockey, and boxing. You can bet moneylines, totals, parlays, props, and more.

There is more than enough room for patrons to bet and relax, as there are 220-seats with 33 located in the VIP section. That’s right, high-roller sports bettors have a section all to themselves. You can also stop by the Sports Bar which is located right next door. Have a drink or grab a quick bite to eat while you watch the game. Certain comps are offered as you reach different milestones with the sportsbook, but drinks are standard for all bettors.

Sunset Station Hotel & Casino

Sunset Station Hotel & CasinoIf you’re looking for the best sports betting in Henderson, Nevada, you should give Sunset Station’s Sports Book a try. The sportsbook is not necessarily huge, but it definitely has all of the basics covered. The medium-size book can seat about 300 people and is located on the main casino floor. There are thirty-six 70-in plasma TVs to watch sporting events, along with five 30-foot projector screens. If you want to sit in the individual seating area, there are 15-inch screens for your enjoyment.

Some of the sports that you can bet on at the Sunset Station Sportsbook include NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, NCAA basketball and football, NCAA Baseball, NASCAR, tennis, and golf. Bet types include straight wagers, moneylines, parlays, totals, futures, and proposition bets. As far as food and drinks, there are drink coupons for sports bettors. If you are in the racebook section, you can receive complimentary cocktails.