The Future of Nevada Online Gaming May Come Quicker Than Expected

  • The Nevada Gaming Commission will have a hearing on if they will allow cashless gambling in the future
  • Moving to cashless payments will help people continue to practice social distancing and allow for the casinos to still operate

LAS VEGAS - The Nevada Gaming Commission will make a decision on if the state will allow bettors to place wagers without in-person cash deposits.

This would ultimately allow for people to participate in sports betting while in the comfort of their homes through their mobile devices.

The casinos have been closed for over two months and according to Nevada’s Governor, they will be permitted to open on June 4th. Despite the opening, there is still a large number of the population that would not be willing to physically be inside a casino at this time.

The cashless payment industry has been encouraging many industries including online sportsbooks to expand their services because of the state of our country.

The proposed method would create an opportunity for Nevada sportsbooks to let sports bettors electronically fund their mobile betting accounts.

The casinos and betting industry took a big hit to their profit after the COVID-19 shutdowns. They are ready to open their business and begin the profit. The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) believes Nevada casinos should follow the lead of other states and proceed with cashless wagering.

Nevada casinos have had reservations about the idea because it could take away from the money spent inside the casino property. On the other hand, it would lower face-to-face interaction and even introduce a new audience to betting at Las Vegas sportsbooks.

A cashless payment alternative could protect and provide for both bettors and the casinos but it may take time to fully be accepted.

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